We have some early Christmas shopping discount codes ranging from; 4%, 5%, 7%, 10%, even 20%!
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Christmas Shoppers, Please Read
If this holiday season is anything like last years, which, it so far seems to be, please note the following.
1. Many of our products are made to order and typically take time to ship out. Many items such as arcade machines, pinball machines easily 3-6 weeks. Jukeboxes, 15-20 weeks.
2. Covid restrictions have already affected and will continue to affect the supply chains of product supplies used to manufacture products we sell.
3. Labor shortages within the USA, primarily import docks are experiencing labor shortages.
3. Many of our products such as Rock-Ola jukeboxes, and slot machines are already limited in production and availability, therefore, if you wait too long your special item could be sold out or discontinued.
4. Many of our products such an arcade machines, pinball machines, slot machines and jukeboxes are delivered by white glove inside delivery companies, therefore, shipments like these do take longer than standard shipping methods.
5. We are happy to hold your items and ship them out so the recipient receives them just in time for Christmas and not after.
Need us to hold your items for you and what to do?
1. Phone orders, simply tell your sales representative you would like us to hold it for you and we will ship it so it arrives soon enough before the week of Christmas and not after.
2. Online orders, place a comment in the comment box stating when you would like to revive your items and we will ship it out so it arrives as close to your time frame as possible.
3. Likewise, as soon as your order is complete, we can hold it for you and we will ship it out whenever you are ready. We just need a 2-3 week notice so we can arrange shipping.