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Enter the NEW AGE of game room products!
VPin Ultra Virtual Video Pinball Machine! Includes 300 FAMOUS Pinball Games! 49" 4K-LCD Screen!
VPin Ultra Virtual Video Pinball Machine! Includes 300 FAMOUS Pinball Games! 49" 4K-LCD Screen!

VPin Ultra Virtual Video Pinball Machine! Includes 322 FAMOUS Pinball Games! 49" 4K-LCD Screen!

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CLASSIC ARCADE SYSTEM arcade games. Multigame arcade machines
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The New Vpin Ultra Virtual Pinball Machine Now Available!
Also known as the ULTRA VP Virtual pinball machine - but the GOOD NEWS is we sell it for MUCH LESS!
Our ORIGINAL version of the VPin Ultra is NOT sold anywhere else except here!
If you want this for Christmas, NOW is the time to place an order!
Before they are sold out for the season.
Full Force Feedback Virtual Pinball
Unlike traditional pinball, when you launch this ball, you go with it. With a digital pinball machine, you embark on an adventure through a maze of incredibly stunning graphics, fully engaged and immersed in otherworldly game play.
For those of you who have been so patiently waiting, finally, possibly the world’s most ADVANCED virtual pinball machine is here! And, if you thought our first version VPin virtual pinball machine was a trend-setter, and awesome as it indeed is, let me present to you a second-generation virtual pinball machine!
The VPin Ultra Virtual Pinball Machine!
About the product:
Fully DOF enabled
Includes FULL-FORCE Feedback!
Mechanical Force Feedback
(8 Solenoids & 1 x Shaker Motor)
Analog Nudging enabled
(Accelerometer enabled)
Digital Plunger
(Skill shot enabled)
Physical Tilt Bob & Knocker
(Slam Tilt enabled)
Game Controlled LED Flashers & Under-cabinet Light Strips
1000+ Pinball Tables Compatible (4K)
Your Choice of Artwork Wrap is included
FREE Custom Artwork Design included!
Best Commercially Available Visual Pinball Machine" 
Enhanced fully DOF enabled Virtual Pinball Machine
Full Force Feedback
(8 x Siemens Solenoids & 1 Shaker Motor)
Digital Nudging - Digital Plunger
Physical Tilt Bob - Physical Free Game Knocker
Game Controlled RGB LED Flashers & Light Strips
49" Full Size Wide body 4K VP Ultra HD LG Playfield Monitor
(Edge-to-edge bezel-free Playfield Design - we use Industrial Monitors, not TVs)
High Quality Sound with built-in Subwoofer
The VP ULTRA VP is the most advanced 4K VP Ultra HD Virtual Pinball Machine on the Planet, compatible with over 1000 Visual Pinball, Future Pinball and Zen Studios Pinball FX Tables, all in a single Unit.
Just like the name implies, the VP ULTRA VP excels at everything it does. This incredible machine sucks you into the game with our advanced tactile feedback system (full force mechanical DOF enabled). You'll feel every knock, click, and shake that you would feel on a mechanical Pinball Machine.
Grab a hold of the real plunger and let her rip! About to drain a ball. Go ahead and shove the machine left or right for that last second death save, because our built in nudge sensor let's this virtual ball behave as if it was real (don't say anything, it doesn't know it's not a real ball). Unlike our competitors (i.e. Vcabs, etc...) we use the better control boards with VP Ultra-sensitive accelerometers and a field of depth only achieved with properly recessed, edge-to-edge, angular Playfield cabinet design. 
Our game controlled RGB LED Strobes further suck you in with a stunning visual light show controlled by each individual game. It even features under-cabinet and back-glass cabinet game-controlled DOF RGB LED strips.
Ball motion physics are VP Ultra-realistic and allows you to replay all your favorite pinball tables all in one single gorgeous pinball cabinet. You are sure to lose track of time playing these immersive pinball tables! 
L: 53" x W: 27" x H: 74" (Top Box Width: 32")
Unlike other virtual pinball cabinets being offered with smaller displays, this 49" playfield features a true edge-to-edge high definition playfield without ugly bezels (edge-to-edge design) and excellent VP Ultra-high-definition 4K IPS quality. This is an LG industrial quality monitor, not a TV. 
The back-glass monitor displays the current pinball table game marquee in a stunning high-resolution image. This is an LG industrial quality monitor, not a TV. 
17” FULL COLOR DMD PANEL (Dot Matrix Display)
The full color Dot Matrix DMD displays your score along with in-game information and animations.
10 x Solenoids (reproduces mechanical bumper and flipper sounds)
1 x Shaker Motor (reproduces cabinet rumble - has an adjustable Intensity Knob) 
Grab the plunger and let it go, sending the ball rocketing to the top of the playfield. This digital plunger is a big improvement over analog plunger. Thanks to its sensor bar, it allows you to perform skill shots since the digital representation of the plunger reacts immediately with the slightest pull of the physical plunger.
The build in Accelerometer allows you to bump the table just like a mechanical table and the ball will move accordingly.
Slam Tilt enabled with our physical Tilt Bob mounted on the side wall of our cabinet.
When the numbers match at the end of the game, our mechanical knocker will be triggered to the player know they won a free game. The knocker is a solenoid arranged to hit the side panel of the machine, so that it sounds different and louder than all the other noises.
5 RGB LED Flashers (DOF game controlled)
Under-cab RGB LED lights (DOF game controlled)
Rear-cab RGB LED lights (DOF game controlled)   
Flashers and LED Strips can be turned off separately with built-in ON/OFF switches.
On/Off buttons to disable the LED Flashers and under cab RGB light strips
On/Off buttons to disable the haptic feedback Solenoids and Shaker Motor
The VPin Ultra includes a 3 Channel Amplifier allows you to fine tune you’re playing experience with separate treble, bass, and stereo controls. It also features an easy to access volume knob. The back-glass head features two High Fidelity Speakers for incredibly rich sound that instantly makes you part of the action. Audiophiles will love the dramatic impact it makes to the overall sound system and the added enjoyment to the pinball experience.
Unlike many other Virtual Pinball Machines, the VP ULTRA VP utilizes a high-quality built-in Subwoofer (mounted in the middle of the cabinet floor). The subwoofer gives you that impressive clear bass response that can be felt throughout the Cabinet.
Coin play (No) Free play only
UNDER the cabinet POWER On/Off Button
Located underneath the front of the cabinet for easy access. Main power cord is in the back of the cabinet.
Designed to last for decades, this CNC-cut pinball cabinet is made with ¾” plywood due to the superior durability and quality of solid wood. 
Specifications summary:
Display: 49" 4K LG Playfield ;32" 1080p Back-glass Monitor; Full Color 15.6" DMD
L: 53" x W: 27" x H: 74" (Top Box Width: 32")
Game: 322 with latest FX series games
Packing: Foam+stretch film+wood case
Standard Configuration:
CPU: I3 9100F
Mainboard: H310M
Game count 322
Hard Disk: 120G SSD
Ram: DDR 4 8G
Graphic Card: GTX 1050TI 4G
NEW Digital Plunger System
Analog Nudging allows you to bump the table and the ball will move for Saves and Slam Tilts Full Forced Feedback:
10 Solenoids
Shaker Motor
5 Flashers
ROM Controlled Under-cabinet LED lights
Night Mode: this allows you turn off all the mechanical sounds devices and lights in night
All tables are in Visual Pinball X (10) and Pinball FX3 systems, all full support force feedback Custom Artwork
Strong Sound System:
1 pair of 4" Coaxial Speakers, 8" Subwoofer
3 Channel Amplifier with Bass, Treble and Subwoofer Controls * Support Upgrade PC configuration

Be sure to click on game list information and to watch all video demos!
To see the games list select the following tab:
"MORE INFO 1" 322 game list

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