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THE QUANTUM SECRET (The "I AM" Gave Us The Keys To Everything! - Discover The Biggest Secret Ever!

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THE QUANTUM SECRET (The "I AM" Gave Us The Keys To Everything! - Discover The Biggest Secret Ever!
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The "I AM" Gave Us The Keys To Everything!
Immortality - Manifestation - Intuition
Discover The Biggest Secret Ever!

I am an online entrepreneur, self-made businessman, new-thought author, spiritual teacher, and a science fiction writer. Yes, I carry several labels. As for the science fiction side of me, I assure you what you are about to read is no science fiction.

Over several years of my life, I was receiving messages during my dreams at night which were exceedingly surreal. If I had not awakened from them, I don’t expect I ever would have realized I was experiencing a dream. However, I am not certain they were dreams. By this I mean I suspect I had been corresponding with something of the supernatural in a higher dimension than ours.

From this, I felt I was taken into another dimension; thus, I had been chosen with the expectation I would one day document these messages and reveal them to humankind.

Initially, I had written three independent books about my experiences, thus, including what I had learned from them. However, after I completed all three, I felt it would make more sense to merge the three into one, in the attempt not to disrupt the flow of them.

 After you read this book, you will probably understand what I mean.

We Were Given God-Like Powers!

This section describes my visions in which I can merely attribute to a higher variant of myself, which I call “THE ME.” Also, “THE ME” is the one receiving messages from the “I AM.” Now, is the “I AM” God? That is up to the reader to determine. I think it is probable. If it wasn’t God, I expect it was coming from a spirit close to God, like an Angel.

The Secret to Eternal Life!
Change Your Reality in This Life and The Next!

Later, I received messages from another source, or perhaps the same one, meaning, “THE ME.” However, these visions and messages revealed to me stating we humans, never die. Like reincarnation, we repeatedly come back after our physical bodies die off. Unlike reincarnation, which says an individual can reincarnate into another human or even an animal, my sources revealed we always come back as the same person indefinitely. We continue to repeat the same lives continuously. However, the way you live your life in your present reality influences the quality and how you will experience the proceeding lives after that. Therefore, I needed to coin a new term for this process. Hence, the term “Reicarntum.”

Discover the New Science of Quantum Intuition and Turbo-Charge Your Awareness!

We are all naturally intuitive. By this, I mean we have been programmed to feel upcoming events and situations. We all have intuitive abilities we are better at than some other abilities. For this, once you learn how to identify which of the intrinsic powers you are better adapted to, the better you can apply these abilities to leverage the laws of the Universe to suit and influence your next life, and the ones after that.

However, I don’t wish to go off track and confuse you. You will understand so much more throughout the book. Yet, I will leave you with this thought.

We are highly developed Digital Biological Beings. We reside in and are part of a Holographic Universe in which bears no end in sight. So, from this, we are;

Meaning, our physical bodies will ultimately wither away and die. However, our spirit (soul) will forever reincarnate into a new physical body into a new reality.

We have the power and ability to manifest whatever type of life we desire and aspire. Including, but not limited to, relationships, love, happiness, wealth, business, careers, and the dark and the evil. However, this depends on the path you follow.

We were born with a certain Clairvoyance, Intuition, or even Psychic abilities. Call it what you will. However, some of us are better cognizant of our innate abilities than others. But, with some practical skill sets and some practice, you too can learn to recognize your God-given Intuitive abilities.

Welcome to,
The “I AM” Gave Us The Keys To Everything!
Immortality - Manifestation - Intuition
Discover The Biggest Secrets Ever!

James M. Brand

If you are in search of the answers as to who am I? What am I? What am I doing here? What is my purpose? What happens after we die? How can I make all of my dreams and aspiration a reality? Then I believe this book is a perfect math for you!
Get the entire book! I am most certain you will discover the secrets to these questions and MUCH MORE!
James M. Brand

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