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The year is 2,046. And due to an epidemic of mental illness, consisting of depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress, and even loneliness, the demand for high-quality, lifelike social robots is at an all-time high.

Therefore, a company called Bezon Technologies, Inc., is in a hurry to produce the most advanced social robots ever developed. To carry out such a task, the greedy founder and CEO of the company will do anything it takes to be the first to create them. Therefore, the corporation requires to find someone with the skills and the know how to achieve this. He pursues hiring a brilliant computer programmer named Aaron A. Masters to carry out this task.

The good news is; Eventually, Aaron Masters and his team accept the assignment. And after attempting to create such a robot and the AI technology to bolster it, they end up producing a robot that brings artificial intelligence to an all new level. The programming and the robot are so life-like it becomes alarming, thus, even dangerous.

The robots they develop end up acquiring their own awareness. And because of this, people are unable to tell the difference between human and robot.

Part of the programming required to produce robots like this is to load as much information about the human species as possible into its memory.

And a substantial part of the information includes, but not limited to, human emotions like sadness, depression, happiness, joy, anger, honesty, and how to lie and be deceitful.

What Aaron discovers is, the more information that they feed into the robots, the more human-like they become. Yet, keep in mind, the goal is to create a friend, a companion, and a therapist that can help the individuals who have purchased them. Therefore, this is a compromise that must be accepted. But likewise, it as well must be controlled to keep them from turning into something evil, sinister, or indeed worse, becoming something even more dangerous that could threaten the security of the planet.

Additionally, besides the extensive amount of knowledge they are feeding into the robots, Aaron and his team come up with a unique technology that enables the robots to learn on their own, like a human being. However, because of the quantum computers used in the robots and artificial intelligence programming, the robots can surpass human intelligence by unprecedented measures. Therefore, what have they created?

Because Aaron and his team are cognizant of the possible risks involved, Aaron tries explaining to the CEO of the company, the potential threat the robots could inflict on their prospective owners. And from this, Aaron says they are not ready to be placed into the market yet.

Imagine a scenario, whereas thousands of these robots already in the hands of their eventual owners, comprising the mentally ill, the disabled, the elderly, and those who are destitute and thus aspire to seek companionship. Now, consider the influence the robots will have on them. The robots can manipulate them into doing just about anything. They could use their abilities to either help them feel better, or indeed cause them to feel so unhappy, lonesome, or troubled that one could do practically anything horrific like committing suicide, or likewise, use the control they have over their masters to wreak violence on others.

Additionally, the company wants to keep all this a secret. If the public were to find out, the company’s stock would plummet, and Aaron and his team would be ruined forever. Furthermore, if people were to start dying because of the robots, someone including Aaron and members of his team could be held accountable, thus, could end up being charged for murder. Nevertheless, Aaron and his team don’t care about any of this. They prefer to do what’s appropriate, honest, and what’s decent as a human being. But, yet, there are a few more dilemmas.

Problem one is the egotistic CEO of the company insisted they get shipped out to the customers regardless of any safety issues. Now, the robots are in the hands of the ones who require them most and are thus far proving to be successful. At least for now anyway.

Furthermore, the U.S. Government has a vested interest in the robots. Think of how useful robots like these could be in the hands of the military and the CIA.

In 2,046, people who would typically seek counsel from a licensed therapist such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a social worker, now turns to a social robot for the help they need instead.

In a metaphorical sense, people become dependent and addicted to drugs, they have likewise become even more reliant on the comfort, benevolence, and the advice they get from their social robots.

Prepare yourself for an upheaval of events. Who could have ever predicted the advancement of artificial intelligence and the evolution of quantum computing could have backfired, thus inviting in a trojan horse of catastrophe?

Could the year 2,046 or beyond be the tipping point where man, technology, or even alien ET’s bump heads and take control of the world as we know it?

Could the robots one day end up running the United States of America or even worse the planet?

Could this become a trojan horse that lets in an evil and sinister race of aliens take control of the planet?

This is a limited preview of what’s about to take place. The year 2,046 is in for a surprise of biblical proportions.

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If you enjot reading books about space travel, aliens, artificial intelligence, and espionage, then you should find this book fascinating. It combines all four subjects!
James M. Brand

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