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QUANTUM EQ (Unleash The Power Of Your Emotional Intelligence At The Quantum Level!)

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Discover The Gift Of Empathy - Unleash The Power Of Your Emotional Intelligence At The Quantum Level!
James M. Brand

Welcome to
Discover The Gift Of Empathy - Unleash The Power Of Your Emotional Intelligence At The Quantum Level!

If you are not familiar with EQ, or Emotional Quotient, let me define it for you.

Emotional quotient, or EQ, also called emotional intelligence, or, EI and emotional intelligence quotient, or, EIQ, is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others. Furthermore, they can discern between different feelings and label them, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one's goal.

The characteristics of an empath are feeling and absorbing other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms due to their high sensitivities. Empath's filter the world through their intuition and have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings.

As an empath myself, I know what it feels like to pick up on other people’s emotions, including their feelings, stress, depression, happiness, and excitement.

I am an entrepreneur, an author, and a spiritual being. Thus, my mind is working nonstop.

I have bipolar disorder. For those of you who are not familiar with the characteristics of bipolar individuals, many tend to be sensitive, creative, and highly intelligent, thus giving them a higher than average intelligence quotient, or, IQ and higher than average EQ.

Common Characteristics of Empath’s
1. Empathetic people have a deep inner strength.
They have learned whatever happens in life to accept it and move on. They may not seem keen on the outside, and can even appear weird or superficial, but that is from hiding their deeply rooted inner strength.

2. Empath’s aim to seek the truth.
They are individuals who are 100 percent forthright, so they expect 100 percent honesty from others.

3. Empath’s care about other individuals.
They have huge hearts, and are empathetic, hence the term “empath.”
Empathetic people are caring individuals toward those close to them and will do anything to help them. They sometimes care too much about others.

4. Empaths do not appreciate selfish individuals.
Those who are selfish, self-centered and artificial individuals drain an empath until empty. They cannot stand to be in the company of individuals who seem false or selfish; they are exhausted by doing so. Their unique nature conflicts with those who are self-seeking, shallow, and artificial, thus, making them feel uncomfortable.

5. Empath’s understand how people feel.
They can quickly pick up on someone's emotions and feelings. Thus, mentally creating an image of how they are feeling.

6. Empath’s know when people are lying or being evasive.
They can easily understand people at a Deep level and determine whether the intentions they are speaking of about are accurate. This can lead to disappointment and frustration for them as if they were lying or behaving deceptively.

7. Many Empaths Are Introvertive.
Empaths are overwhelmed by crowds, which can amplify your sympathy. You are introverted, preferring one-to-one contact or tiny groups. Even if you are more extroverted, you prefer to limit how much time you will be in a crowd or at a party. Empaths are overwhelmed by crowds, which can amplify your sympathy. You are introverted, preferring one-to-one contact or tiny groups. Even if you are more extroverted, you prefer to limit how much time you will be in a crowd or at a party.

8. Empaths cannot tolerate negativity.
They cannot deal with negative people, such as the Debbie and the Danny downers. They are mentally drained by negativity, and if they are stuck with an individual that is often negative, they will cut that individual out of their lives.

As an Empath myself, I can feel the negative energy pouring right through me. I can also sense someone with dark and evil energy.

9. Empaths are sensitive to various energies.
Empaths are sensitive to energies around them that are both known and unknown to them. They will sometimes feel uneasy or unwell and not realize why until the source of specific negative energy is no longer there. It is the dark energy that disturbed me the most.

10. Empaths have the best of intentions.
They have the very best intentions for the decisions they make. Also, they are highly intuitive, however, sometimes they do not always realize it, and from this, they sometimes let their feelings take control of their thoughts.

11. Empaths are usually intuitive.
Since empaths are highly intuitive, sometimes they tend to overreact to a given situation, whereas, perhaps they should take a step back and base their decisions on logic instead of their emotions.

12. Empaths do not like mental pain.
Empathetic individuals do not tolerate well the pain of the mind. Because they bring everything to their hearts, the smallest things readily hurt them. Their feelings run high, and they are not well-insulated against mental pain.

13 Empaths are always on the move.
Time is always going too fast for empathetic individuals, they are often overly engaged in projects and thoughts, and they keep on rushing between projects. They should be cautious about this, yet it contrasts their usually introverted nature.

14. Empaths are hated or loved.
They are either hated or loved, with no true sense of neutrality. Empaths want to help others; if the other person is willing to let them help, they will love them. If they do not, they will deem the empath as a nuisance and attempt to get away from the empath.

15. They like to focus on one thing at a time.
Empaths are not multitaskers, and if they are asked to be, they will probably do a poor job.

I find myself to be the opposite. I always seem to work on several projects at once. It is either my business, my website, or writing books. I do not know if this is good or bad, but that is who I am, and it seems to work well.

16. Empaths are excellent listeners.
Listening helps the empath discern what is going on inside you and offer advice. As such, they are taken advantage of by others.

My wife and others say I am not the best listener. I agree. My mind seems to wander off with other thought patterns, even when others are around and trying to talk.

Other people dump problems on them and feel better walking away from the issues. The empath cannot easily shed these problems and must work to process them. Empaths have a tough time saying no, and that often leads them to these dilemmas.

I have learned when to walk away. If someone is unwilling to listen, then you need to know when to leave. Sometimes people would rather not listen to good advice. By not doing so, this gives them a reason to complain and feel sorry for themselves.

17. Bipolar disorder, and or depression.
Bipolar, depression, and anxiety are vast characteristics of empaths.

18. Empaths are targets for energy suckers.
Empaths are energy targets Vampires Empathy sensitivity makes you a particularly simple mark for energy vampires whose fear or anger can sap your energy and peace of mind. Vampires do more than drain the physical strength of empathic energy. Particularly hazardous, like narcissists. They lack sympathy and are concerned only with themselves. This can make you think that you are unworthy, unrecognized, and disconnected.

My wife Mary is a natural target for energy vampires, or, EV. People, including strangers, are drawn to her. When I sense an EV is on the hunt, I warn her to avoid that person. I guess it's because I am so protective of her, yet, another character of an empath.

19. Empaths Tend To Be Somewhat Telepathic.
Do you feel somebody is trying to convey something to you, yet they are holding back? When you think about a specific person, and that person calls you on the telephone, how weird is that? If you consider yourself an empath, then it has happened to you on numerous occasions, am I correct? This cannot be a coincidence.

20. Empath's Tend To Experience Deja vu More Often Than Other People.
Isn't Deja vu weird? I experience it often. Well, there is a reason for this, and you will not believe what it is all about.

21. Imagination!
Empaths tend to be creative and have big imaginations.

The reason I have written this book is the term Emotional Quotient, or emotional intelligence originated during the mid-1960s. However, it has resurfaced at a tremendous rate during the last few years.

What is happening here is we as human beings are entering a new dimension of awareness, or into a new consciousness. We, meaning Empath’s, possess superhuman mental powers. But many people do not know that they are an empath, and if they do, they probably do not know how to tap into their full mental power, thus learning how to control and manipulate their life for the better. Many empaths have some special gift that needs to be discovered and unleashed.

These gifts or special abilities can be in business, entrepreneurship, making money, relationships, creativity, and even working as psychics.

And you are not likely to find this in any other books on EQ, but we are all Digital Biological Beings, or, DBB, living in a giant holographic universe, or, HU, living in a giant computer simulation, or, a matrix!

The reason I have mentioned these subjects is when you understand what you are, being a highly intelligent human super-computer, then you can use your abilities, thus, manipulate your gift, and your super mind-powers, thus, increasing your level of EQ over and above your current reality and state of awareness.

What I aim to do, is to teach you that EQ, or EI, whichever you prefer, is the sixth sense!

What I mean is, by having the ability to instantaneously access, perceive and understand any given situation, you may form, shape, and manifest in life whatever you desire and aspire.

Prepare to open to a new awakening!

Welcome to,
Discover The Gift Of Empathy - Unleash The Power Of Your Emotional Intelligence At The Quantum Level!
James M. Brand

Get the entire E-book. T am sure it will help you to understand and LEARM how to USE your AMAZING gift as an EMPATH!
James M. Brand

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