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QRS 101 HOME SYSTEM (PEMF) MACHINE (BIG SALE!) (Sale ending soon!)

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QRS 101 Home System (PEMF) MACHINE
QRS 101
Use PEMF to INCREASE you body's IMMUNE system to RESIST UNWANTED health THREATS!

The Quantron Resonance System, QRS, is the most effective pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system on the market today. It is also the first to scientifically prove evidence of ion transport, which is an essential factor in producing cell energy. Backed by numerous clinical trials and empirical tests, and three worldwide patents the QRS has the most extensive research done on it of any other PEMF system on the market.
The QRS is a result of more than 20 years of fundamental and applied research by leading international scientists in Europe and was first used in the Russian MIR Space Station program. Today, the QRS is designed for home use and is being used in homes and clinics around the world and has been proven safe and effective. Over 80,000 QRS systems have been sold worldwide.

Restoring cell functioning:
By applying the full body mat or small pillow for 8 minutes twice a day, low pulsed magnetic frequencies stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygen assimilation and accelerate the removal of toxic chemicals and waste. The human body consists of about 50 trillion cells that harmoniously work together. If a small energy deficiency arises in a cell or group of cells, imbalances occur within the body. By creating a resonance similar to those of the body’s own cells, the QRS restores cell functioning and penetrates the body, reinforcing weak functional cycles in a natural way. Using extremely low frequency (ELF) programs, which are equivalent to the natural frequencies of the body, for example, the 4 brain states (alpha, beta, theta, and delta), soft tissues, bones, nerves, the heart, and other organs, allows the body to recover its own self-healing capabilities.

While in most cases relaxation is an immediate effect of QRS treatment, it does not claim to be a ‘quick fix’. Sometimes it takes weeks to months of treatment sessions to enable the body to balance itself. Electromagnetic fields are subtle, though proven to be effective and beneficial to the body. To read more about proof, please go to Medical Results and Research.

Safe & Natural:
The QRS is designed for home use, but is also being used in clinics around the world. The QRS is safe and has no known side effects and can be used to treat children or adults. Pregnant women and people with pacemakers are asked to be cautions when using the QRS.

Available options and Add-Ons:
Probe with laser
Used for local treatment; Joints pain and more, wrinkles, aging, any type of pain. (REFER TO THE OPTIONS TAB)

1. PEMF machines work in conjunction with the body’s own recovery processes to relieve pain by restoring cells’ ability to function efficiently.
Our skin, bones, and organs are composed of tiny cells. The membrane of a healthy cell has both positive and negative charges that are required for the exchange of potassium, sodium, and calcium ions. When cells become distressed from disease, trauma or toxins, they lose their ability to function efficiently. PEMF restores the positive and negative charges in the cell, enabling it to perform its natural function while speeding tissue recovery.
2. PEMF machines operate on different frequencies and this is what often sets them apart.
Everyone’s body responds differently to electromagnetic waves and different frequencies target specific tissue types. Oska Pulse emits a unique series of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields at precise frequencies targeted on four key tissue types resulting relieved pain.
3. The human body requires electricity to send signals through the body and to the brain. PEMF therapy works effectively to re-align the electric potential of our cells.
Resting cells are negatively charged on the inside, while the outside of the cell is more positively charged. The flow of charges across the cell membrane is what generates electrical currents.
When a cell is stimulated, it allows positive charges to enter the cell through open ion channels. The inside of the cell then becomes more positively charged, which triggers further electrical currents that can turn into electrical pulses, called action potentials. Our bodies use certain patterns of action potentials to initiate the correct movements, thoughts and behaviors.

Learn even more! Select "MORE INFO 1 TAB"

The QRS 101 manual is included and stored on a (Thumdrive) or (CD ROM)

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