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Tony J.

Date 2/17/2021

Typically how long does shipping take for a Rockola jukebox? jukeboxes 4-8 weeks depending

James Bolin

Date 2/17/2021 8:34:43 AM

Right now, 02/2021 5-8 weeks. These are so sought after we and rockola is swamped with orders especially our all new Rock-Ola 90th Anniversary 2nd edition, which is sold only by us.


Date 2/24/2021

they should be ready to ship by the end of 02/2021

Denny Ulrich

Date 2/27/2021

I read on one of your customer reviews somewhere that if I were to buy a Rock Ola jukebox and pay with an e check I could get a $1,000" discount? Is this even true? Because I really want that new Rock Ola Crystal jukebox


Date 2/27/2021

Typically, we give a 3% discount for using an echeck On the Crystal, we are the exclusive dealer thus far, but, it you are ABSOLUTELY serious and want to place an order, call us up thats all I can say.

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