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Enter the NEW AGE of game room products!
NEW AGE ARCADE ULTIMATE DK Arcade Machine! (2-player) (5,000+ Games In One)
NEW AGE ARCADE ULTIMATE DK Arcade Machine! (2-player) (5,000+ Games In One)

NEW AGE ARCADE ULTIMATE DK Arcade Machine! (2-player) (5.000+ Games In One)

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NEW AGE ARCADE arcade machines
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Like all of our “NEW AGE ARCADE” arcade game machines, even though this arcade machine already includes virtually every video arcade game ever created from the 1970’s, of course the 1980’s, the 1990’s, and the millennium, our system allows you to go online, and EASILY add mor video arcade games to the system! And from this, you will always be able to play games from the past, the current, and into the future with very few, if any, restrictions!
Simply plug the arcade machine in, and almost IMMEDIATELY start playing games like but not at all limited to; Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-man, Missile Command, Street Fighter games, Metal Slug games, Double Dragon, NBA jam, video golf games like Golden Tee Fore, Space Invaders, video pinball games, Laser Disk games like Dragon’s Liar, Defender, Joust, Arkanoid, Tempest, Tron, Crystal Castles and so many more!
About this arcade machine:
Each gaming system comes with Hyperspin and is pre-configured to support over 50,000 emulated (MAME) arcade games, console games and pinball tables. The Hyperspin software makes adding new games a snap! Simply download (for Free) any additional game(s) onto the system to build the ultimate game room all in one system!
Our systems come with our proprietary software that allows the user to search for games across all gaming systems installed on the arcade.
Since we are constantly updating and improving our arcade systems, we want you to have all the latest features and software updates. Our gaming software checks for any updates and notifies you when an update is available. To update your gaming system, it's a simple press of a button on the control panel (just like playing a game)! Our software also allows us to remotely support your gaming system if a problem should ever occur.
Monitor size: 21" LCD
Monitor size: 27" Add $300.00
Easy onscreen menu system
Easy game selection
Ability to add more games via download
Locking Metal Access Door
2800+ already included Easily add up to 50,000 via download link online!
2700 original video arcade games + 100 pinball games = $2800 games!
Control panel: Large 4-player enough buttons to play any current and future video games!
Trackball included!
PC Windows 7 .5 TB
Storage capacity: .5 TB (Approximately 50,000 depending on rom size!)
Keyboard included
4-speaker sound system!
Coin acceptance: NO, free play only
Play online, add games, browse the web, WI-FI
Control panel can be removed 
65.8"T x 33.5"D 26.5" W x 33.5"D x 260 Lbs.

To see the games list select the following tab:
Watch actual game demos
Video tab "1 and 2"
See More info 2" for product manual

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