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IN 2121
IN 2121

IN 2121 (A Mans Unexpected Trip in Time)

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IN 2121 (A Mans Unexpected Trip in Time)
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IN 2121
A Mans Unexpected Trip in Time
James M. Brand


IN 2121 is about a man named Mason S. Chase.
Mr. Chase suffers from a mental illness in which he volunteers as a participant in a secret government program.

He is trying out a new drug. This is an experimental drug which is used to treat mental illness such as bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia.

However, there is something very unusual about the drug. It is not really a drug, at least as we know it. It is a microchip about the size of a grain of rice. And it is surgically inserted into the patient’s head.

These tiny microchips are classified as “electronic medication” or simply referred to as “E-drugs,” “E-MEDS,” and even “E-pills.”
However, after receiving a dose of this so-called “E-pill,” something goes very bad.

Mr. Chase ends up in a coma. During his unforeseen state, he somehow travels through time and ends up in the year 2121. And the year 2121 is very different from whence he came.

While is in the year 2121, he discovers a secret U.S. Government program that is working with some evil and sinister aliens. Because of this, he ends up battling the evil aliens to prevent them from killing his family and altering our time-lines.

Here is a partial list of what the year 2121 is like:
• Human Artificial Enhanced Intelligence or (AEI).
• Human-Alien hybrids.
• A secret human/alien exchange program.
• Shape-shifting Aliens are trying to take over the world.
• Driverless cars without wheels.
• Paper currency is gone. It is all digital money and referred to as “digits.”
• The legal system has changed. In 2121, if you are in trouble and must go to court, there is an electronic holographic judge, called an E-Judge that you can let determine your fate. Or, you can wait several years for a human judge and jury.
• Cell phones are no more. Now they are called “holo-phones.” A holo-phone brings Facetime to an all new level. The person you are speaking to appears as a virtual hologram!
• People are now connected telepathically by a microchip implant in the brain. And these implants are connected to a giant computer system referred to as the Titan-Cloud.
• Communication with pets telepathically is now possible with a microchip implant.
• The microchips are updated routinely by a download from the “giant-cloud.”
• Wars are now fought by driverless tanks, pilotless jets, and robotic soldiers.

Back home, in 2019, Mason leaves behind his beautiful wife and son. All he wants to do is go back home if it is even possible.

However, Mason is an intuitive Empath, and therefore an evil department of the new United States government wants to electronically enhance his powers and turn him into a highly intuitive agent for a new CIA faction called the Internal Intelligence Agency, or the IIA.

This may seem mind-blowing to you now. But trust me when I say, this is only the beginning of what is to come.

Welcome To
IN 2121
A Mans Unexpected Trip in Time
James M. Brand

Get the entire E-book. I think you will enjoy it!
James M. Brand

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