SAVE 4% Using An E-check!
E-check payments are accepted at checkout or you may call us and pay by phone!
Personal, Business, Credit Unions, Money Market and Savings Accounts checks gladly accepted!
U.S. Bank Accounts Only!
Without using a credit card the merchant is saving the credit card processing fee.
Therefore, we at IN THE NEW AGE would like to EXTEND this SAVINGS to you our valued customer!
1. Your 9-digit bank routing number.
2. Your checking account number.
3. You can order online or by phone.
4. USA bank accounts ONLY!
5. U.S. credit unions are ok as well!
Use your check at checkout just as you would normally use a credit or debit card. However, enter your checking account information in the fields instead! It is as easy as 123!
How do I know I am getting a 4% discount?
1. Phone orders:
Place your order by telephone and the sales agent will deduct 3% from the grand total and will e-mail you a receipt indication your products, name, address, and TOTAL PRICE including the 4% savings!
2. Online Orders:
Place your order online and after a successful order has been placed you will receive and automatic e-mail stating your grand total
After an online order has been received and inspected by us, within 24 hrs. you will receive a NEW and FINAL e-mail indicating your NEW sales receipt -4%!
Your checking account information is processed using ssl encryption by Intuit and carefully scanned to detect potential fraud, including insufficient funds. 
Bank fraud is a federal crime. Any orders suspect to fraud will be submitted to the US Dept. of Justice.
E-check refund policy disclaimer:
Any refunds from E-check payments will be issued 3-4 weeks after receiving payment. Refunds are submitted electronically or issued paper check.

Phone Toll Free: 1.855.203.5859
Alternate Phone: 1.708.293.1721
Text: 1.833.763.0545
$1,000 x 4% =$40 savings!
$4,000 x 4% = $160 savings!
$10,000 x 4% = $400 savings!
Learn More – Watch The Video